Forget being cool – today it’s all about being interesting. How do you become someone who captivates others with charm and authenticity? Barry Fralick has tips to help you build “identity capital” and craft a memorable personal brand.

Develop a Rich Identity Capital Fund

Your identity capital is the collection of talents, knowledge, experiences and quirks that make you uniquely you. Fralick says to grow this fund, deepen expertise in your passion areas and cultivate special skills. Seek out new adventures to gain stories to share. Earn achievements that showcase your abilities. And embrace your wonderfully weird personality traits.

The Power of Strategic Mystery

Being an open book can make you seem one-dimensional. Fralick suggests retaining an air of mystery by not revealing everything at once. Stay authentic but hold some cards close to intrigue others to want to learn more about the real you.

Express Yourself Through Signature Style

Fashion and accessories are powerful forms of self-expression. Whether it’s a bold hairstyle, colorful wardrobe, or a quirky gadget, your personal style visually conveys what makes you special. Let it reflect your spirit.

Travel Both Far and Wide

New experiences and perspectives wait around every corner. Fralick says to travel near and far to uncover them – take road trips to uncover local history or backpack across continents to expand your worldview. The people you’ll meet and stories you’ll gather will make you endlessly interesting.

Get Caught Up Living an Exciting Life

Boring people have boring lives. Shake things up by starting a passion project, taking a sabbatical, learning a language or picking up a new hobby like woodworking or salsa dancing. When you have adventures to share, you’ll automatically become more intriguing.

Seek Out Interesting Work

If your 9-to-5 is dull, find work that excites you. It could be launching a side hustle or moving into a field more aligned with your interests. Doing meaningful work gives you purpose – and great conversational fodder.

Be Your Own Brand of Human

At the end of the day, fascinating people are simply people who authentically pursue what captivates them. The goal isn’t to transform into someone new. It’s about falling in love with your weird self, then enriching that self every day through new knowledge, experiences and skills. So get out there and flourish as the one-of-a-kind person the world needs.


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