What if much of what we believe is wrong? Blogger Scott Young takes a thoughtful look at hotly debated topics from economics to psychology, weighing mainstream narratives against the research. He uncovers surprising gaps between popular belief and what the experts actually say.

The Stock Market: Smarter Than You Think

We love stories of investors outsmarting the market, predicting bubbles and cashing in. But Young explains the data shows it’s extremely hard to beat the market consistently. The efficient market hypothesis suggests share prices quickly factor in information. Regular investors are better off with low-fee funds instead of stock picking.

Is Intelligence Really Changeable?

You’ll often hear intelligence comes largely from nurture – education, opportunity and grit. But Young reveals twin studies show genetics account for significant IQ differences. While knowledge can be gained, overall intelligence remains relatively fixed. Understanding this may help tailor learning more effectively.

Learning Styles: Brilliant Theory, Limited Evidence

Aligning teaching to individual learning styles is immensely popular, but is it effective? Young notes scientists have struggled to back up the benefits of tailored methods like visual, auditory and kinetic. Students likely learn best via a mix.

Physics: Explaining Everything (Almost)

Many believe physics now provides a blueprint that accounts for all observable phenomena. Young says while theories like quantum mechanics explain much, gaps remain at the cosmic and subatomic levels. Physics is still searching for a single unified framework.

Weight Loss: It’s Calories In, Calories Out

Popular diets tempt us with hacking weight loss through macronutrients, meal timing or gut bacteria. But Young reiterates the evidence: a caloric deficit is the only path to weight loss. The challenge? Our hunger hormones fight back against any drop in energy.

Kids Learn Languages Faster (Sort Of)

Parents often claim children acquire languages quicker and reach higher mastery. Young unveils research showing adults learn the basics faster but plateau earlier. The children versus adults debate contains nuance – both can excel with immersion.

The Takeaway

In challenging conventional wisdom with data, Scott Young illuminates the gaps between popular narratives and scientific consensus. His even-handed analysis provides takeaways we would be wise to consider before accepting broad claims at face value.


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