The digital age overturned life’s “either/or” choices into an endless buffet of “and.” With infinite options, our decisions – and time – seem to lose significance. How do we combat this “and fatigue”?

The Shift from “Or” to Endless “And”

Previously, choosing one thing meant excluding alternatives. Now, digital life offers boundless content and choices. This abundance erodes the sharp relief of deciding.

With limitless options always available, our selections feel inconsequential. Time seems to lose all meaning. Decision paralysis sets in.

Regaining Intentionality in the Age of Excess

But choices still matter, even amidst vast availability. Consciously curating your digital engagement restores focus and intentionality.

Strategies to combat fatigue:

  • Set boundaries on consumption.
  • Prioritize the essential.
  • Practice mindfulness.

Choice Remains the Antidote to “Whatever”

Despite overflowing abundance, take back your decisions. Curate your engagement mindfully. Reclaim your time, attention, and self-determination.

The digital age tramples us with surplus choice. But with purposeful choices, we can tame the beast and author our destinies once again.


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