“Going the extra mile” is an understatement when pursuing ambitious goals. Economist Bryan Caplan’s “10x Rule” states you must put in 10x the effort you initially think necessary. Let’s apply this explosive concept to success.

Success Demands Exceeding Expectations

Whether advancing your career, saving a relationship, or promoting a product – realize upfront that achieving big goals requires exponential effort beyond what seems reasonable.

When seeking advice on promoting his book, author Scott Young was told to do 10x more podcast interviews than planned. This highlightsthe power of massive action.

Address the Fundamentals First

Before executing fancy plays, master the basics. In dating, that means meeting new people and facing rejection daily. In language learning, it’s immersing yourself in practice. Don’t skip the basics.

Be Willing to Embrace the Suck

Ambitious quests inevitably bring pain. Maintaining an extraordinary effort level through hard times separates the dreamers from the doers. Be willing to sweat, grind, and hurt in the pursuit of glory.

The 10x Rule requires unreasonable persistence, resilience, and work ethic. But these are precisely the uncommon ingredients required for realizing audacious goals. Fortune favors the bold.


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