The words leaders use shape team mindsets. Eduardo Briceo reveals common phrases that may unintentionally hinder growth. Let’s explore these pitfalls and better alternatives that foster improvement.

1. “You’re a Natural” Reinforces Fixed Mindsets

Praising innate talent implies abilities are static gifts, not skills to be developed. This limits risk-taking and growth.

Try instead: Praise effort and progress over time. Applaud the journey.

2. “It’s All About Hard Work” Can Misguide Effort

While essential, overemphasizing solo hard work as the path to success can neglect learning and collaboration.

Try instead: Encourage experimentation, feedback-seeking, and learning from mistakes.

3. “Keep at It and You’ll Get There” Can Prompt Aimless Persistence

Recognize when persistent effort fails to produce growth and a pivot is needed, like trying new strategies or getting input.

Try instead: Assess impact regularly. Course-correct stalled efforts.

4. “See? If You Try You Can Do It” Can Instill Fear of Failure

Praising only successful outcomes sends the message risk-taking is only good when it immediately pays off.

Try instead: Celebrate smart risks and highlight lessons learned regardless of outcomes.

With more growth-oriented language, leaders can foster cultures of experimentation, resilience, and continuous improvement.


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