What fuels professional triumph and personal growth? Entrepreneur Stephen Bartlett distills success into penetrating principles. Let’s explore the most potent laws from his book “Diary of a CEO” to unlock your potential.

1. Fill Your 5 Buckets in the Right Order

Bartlett says professional success depends on filling these buckets:

  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Network
  • Resources
  • Reputation

Start with knowledge and skills – your unshakeable base. Build up from there.

2. Harness the Power of Questions

Asking questions ignites action more than making statements. “Will I exercise today?” prompts behavior better than declaring you will.

3. Make Your Health the First Foundation

Treat your body and mind like they are irreplaceable, because they are. As Warren Buffett said, it’s the only car you get in life. Maintain it diligently.

4. Lean Into the Unfamiliar

When facing bizarre situations, get curious. Ask questions, challenge assumptions, and strive to understand unfamiliar worldviews.

5. Sweat the Small Stuff

While the 80/20 rule has merit, meticulous kaizen-based improvements can also lead to immense compound growth over time.

6. Out Experiment Your Competition

In business, success goes to those who run the most experiments and fail the fastest. Failures provide feedback and knowledge to fuel future success.

7. Increase Discipline Through the Discipline Equation

Discipline = Value of Goal + Reward of Pursuit – Cost of Pursuit. Raise discipline by increasing rewards and decreasing costs.

Let Bartlett’s potent principles put you on the path to success – in both business and life!


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