Feeling uninspired to tackle tedious tasks? Like a marathoner carb-loading, you can energize yourself by strategically fueling your brain with personalized rewards. Let’s utilize science to build a self-motivation engine.

Harness Your Brain’s Built-In Reward System

“Success is its own reward” is a nice sentiment, but our brains need more tangible incentives to stay driven. Scientists reveal rewards are “the most crucial objects for life” – our mesocorticolimbic circuit compels action in anticipation of a prize.

The Psychology Behind Effective Reward Schedules

A 2018 study demonstrated that frequent small rewards are more motivating than a single large reward. At first, continuously reinforce actions to cement habits. Once ingrained, introduce intermittent rewards to sustain motivation long-term.

Finding Rewards That Light Up Your Brain

Choose genuine delights like:

  • Bingeing a favorite show
  • A relaxing spa day
  • Exploring a new workout class
  • Grabbing coffee with a friend
  • Reading a captivating novel

Tailor and adjust rewards to maximize your motivation.

Tap Into the Power of Dopamine

Harness your brain’s reward system so when motivation lags, self-created prizes energize action. With strategic reinforcement, even tedious tasks become rewarding.


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