Calendars are often seen simply as scheduling tools. But these digital artifacts can be so much more – personalized time machines integrating our past, present, and future data into one place. Let’s rethink the boundaries of calendars.

Calendars as Multi-Dimensional Interactive Timelines

Beyond scheduling, calendars contain layers of diverse event types with unique properties – like multiplayer meetings or completion-based tasks. Visualizing calendars in 3D reveals the richness awaiting beneath those flat squares.

Integrating Past Data Layers for Reflection

Typically forward-facing, calendars can also integrate retrospective data layers like music we heard or steps we walked from apps. This data juxtaposed with meetings and tasks provides context for planning.

The Future of Calendars

With infinite potential to differentiate event types and integrate third-party data layers, calendars can become the central hub connecting our past actions with present reality and future aspirations.

The calendar’s potential as a personalized productivity portal is vast. Let’s redefine this daily artifact into our essential time travel guide.


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