Motivation seems fickle – here one day, gone the next. But the science behind drive reveals ways to ignite and sustain motivation amidst inevitable setbacks. Let’s demystify this intricate phenomenon.

Not All Motivations Are Created Equal

There are two main motivator types:

Intrinsic – arises from inherent enjoyment of an activity itself. A musician plays purely for the joy.

Extrinsic – driven by external rewards like money or accolades. Effective but less reliable.

The 3 Key Ingredients for Motivation

Self-Determination Theory finds that enhancing:

  • Competence – feeling capable and skilled
  • Autonomy – having control over choices
  • Relatedness – feeling connected to others

Improves self-motivation. Set goals highlighting these elements.

Why We Lose Motivation

Demotivation can stem from:

  • Overwhelming difficulty
  • Goals that lack meaning or suitable rewards
  • Unclear aspirations

Reignite Your Drive with These 5 Strategies

  1. Choose goals that align with your values
  2. Create a consistent motivation routine
  3. Self-reflect to assess progress
  4. Use the 3C Model of Motivation to diagnose issues
  5. Have plans to rebound from setbacks

Motivation requires care and feeding. By understanding its science and troubleshooting pitfalls, you can keep your drive alive.


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