You feel stuck in your job. But is now the time to make a switch? Consider your capacity to learn and earn to decide. Analyze how your current role fulfills – or limits – your potential for acquiring new skills and increasing your income.

The Symbiosis of Learning and Earning

Every job should provide learning or earning opportunities. Ideally, both. Learning expands your skills, enhancing future earning potential. Earning gives you the flexibility to take risks and learn. Together, they fuel career growth.

Switch When You Hit a Learning or Earning Ceiling

Reaching senior positions by staying put is rare – the stars must align perfectly. For many, switching jobs becomes necessary when learning stagnates and raises stall. The goal is to move where the chances of achieving your goals are higher.

Look Beyond Titles and Salaries

Define success based on your values. Maybe it’s acquiring certain skills vs. chasing a title. Reflect on your long-term aspirations. Then make moves that align your day-to-day job with your fulfilling future vision.

Let learning and earning guide you. Switch roles when your growth trajectory plateaus. With purpose and patience, you’ll find the right fit.


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