In the rapid-fire world of startups, focus is fleeting. Amid the endless ping-ponging between tasks, meetings, and priorities, how do you ensure your work has meaningful impact? Brie Wolfson, who has honed her craft at Figma and Stripe, shares her personal toolkit.

The Elusive Goal: Focus in Startup Chaos

Startups move at dizzying speed. In the rush of responding to daily fires, it’s easy to lose sight of overarching goals and drift off course. But the best operators maintain perspective and alignment while executing effectively. So how do they square this circle?

The Secret Ingredient: Accountability Tools

High-achievers rely on processes and documents to stay focused on the bigger picture. These tools provide accountability and clarity amidst constant motion.

Brie details her personal templates that have been game-changers:

Ongoing Stack Rank (OSR): A prioritized task list focused on outcomes rather than inputs.

“It’s Only The Weekend When” Post-It: Top 3 must-dos before Friday fun.

“What I’m Proud Of” Scrapbook: A highlight reel of achievements and proud moments.

Snag Log: Record of challenges and frustrations.

“Today I Learned” Doc: A knowledge bank of new lessons and insights.

She also uses monthly impact assessments and quarterly press releases.

The Results: Increased Alignment, Progress, and Growth

These documents provide many benefits:

  • Maintaining focus on goals amidst commotion
  • Ensuring tasks align with core priorities
  • Facilitating growth by tracking achievements
  • Identifying recurring snags early

By regularly redirecting your compass, you can steer clear of meandering through startup chaos. Follow Brie’s lead – ditch the to-do list and pick up impactful docs that keep you on course.


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