Life today moves fast. Distractions scream for attention everywhere. Pausing for introspection may seem impossible. However, it is precisely this forgotten art of looking within that enables discerning choices amid chaos.

Be a Friend to Yourself

Ask yourself – would you treat your best friend the way you treat yourself? High achievers often drive themselves to exhaustion in pursuit of success. But just as you wouldn’t do that to someone you love, don’t do it to yourself. You deserve kindness.

The Superpower of Saying “No”

Declining asks frees up mental bandwidth for what truly matters. By no longer trying to please everyone, you can focus on your core priorities and values.

Recognize Misaligned Incentives

Be aware of the Shirky Principle – institutions often preserve the problems they claim to solve. Examples include diet companies benefiting from customers not losing weight permanently or defense contractors profiting from continued conflict. Understanding motives provides clarity.

Rediscover Old-School Decision Making

In a digital world, go analog for decisions. Former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin would sketch out options, variables, risks in writing. Returning to paper can bring focus to cluttered minds.

The way forward reveals itself to those willing to look within. Tune out noise, reflect intentionally, and let your inner light guide you. With self-awareness, you can navigate complexity with wisdom.


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