Losing a top-performing team member can sting. But with the right mindset, managers can transform unsettling departures into catalysts for positive change. This guide explores the art of strategically “giving away your people” to strengthen teams, develop future leaders, and boost organizational reputation.

Embrace the Inevitability of Change

In dynamic workplaces, change is constant. Ambitious team members may inevitably seek new challenges that propel growth. Rather than resisting this natural evolution, managers should mentally prepare for departures and harness them for the greater good.

How Letting Go Strengthens Bonds

When a high performer leaves for a new opportunity, internal or external, consider how it benefits:

  • Internal mobility – Cross-department transitions build relationships and alignment.
  • External reputation – Your organization becomes the breeding ground for tomorrow’s leaders.

“Giving Away Your People” – 4 Key Strategies

Proactively nurture talent and set them up for success wherever they go:

  • Have regular career growth check-ins to understand aspirations.
  • Encourage expanding skills into unfamiliar territories.
  • Actively advocate for new internal/external opportunities.
  • Lead with empathy during transitions to ease emotional tolls.

Departures Offer Hidden Gifts

Partings spur self-reflection which – when coupled with empathetic leadership – stimulates positive change. Managers can identify knowledge gaps, build new leaders, and foster fulfilling careers for all.

While goodbyes are hard, approach inevitable departures as opportunities to strengthen your team’s bonds, capabilities, and purpose. By giving away your people, you allow everyone to soar.


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