You delay assignments until the last minute. Hit snooze again and again. “I’ll start my diet tomorrow” is your mantra. Sound familiar? You’re not lazy or undisciplined. Surprisingly, new research reveals procrastination has sinister roots in a lack of self-empathy.

Keep reading to discover the startling time-traveling mistake undermining motivation and trapping procrastinators worldwide. The good news? Scientists found a remarkably simple fix.

Procrastination: Not Just Delaying, But Knowingly Self-Sabotaging

Procrastination isn’t merely postponing tasks. It’s willfully acting against our best interest, harming our future selves.

This goes beyond laziness. Procrastinators do want success and intend to work. Yet we undermine ourselves by chronically putting off mission-critical tasks.

The Dark Time-Traveling Error Underlying Procrastination

New research exposes procrastination’s surprising time-traveling mistake. When visualizing our future selves, we see ourselves accomplishing goals. But we gloss over the messy journey.

It’s like booking a trip but failing to reserve hotels or transport. You envision the destination but not the essential steps to arrive safely.

In reality, our future selves don’t want to complete postponed tasks any more than we do now. Procrastination means knowingly inflicting discomfort on our future selves.

Cultivating Self-Empathy: The Simple Fix

The solution is shockingly straightforward – have more empathy for yourself. Specifically, your future self.

Researchers found procrastinators who vividly imagined their future selves and felt a strong connection didn’t procrastinate.

By visualizing our future selves stressed and struggling, we become more motivated to act now to help them.

Change the Future By Changing the Present

Don’t perpetuate the time-traveling error of procrastination. Save your future self by taking action today.

With more vivid mental images and self-empathy, you gain power over your behavior. Procrastination loses its grip.

You define your destiny. The future isn’t fixed, but shaped by your choices in the present. This simple mindset shift lets you craft a bright future unplagued by needless delays.


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