Struggling to focus? Can’t determine your peak performance times? You’re not alone. Maximizing productivity feels impossible when you lack insights into your own cognitive patterns.

But the game is about to change. 2023 will bring Pylot – the first ever productivity wearable that analyzes your brain activity and physiology to scientifically schedule optimal work sessions.

Keep reading to discover how this revolutionary device could instantly 10X your output and success. The future of work is here.

Introducing Pylot: The Game Changing Wearable

Pylot is a slick wearable tracker that uses EEG sensors to measure your brain activity and heart rate variability.

It detects when you enter highly productive “flow” states. Pylot identifies ideal deep work session lengths tailored to your unique biology.

The device prompts breaks when your concentration wavers, ensuring you always perform cognitively at your peak.

How Pylot’s Technology Works

Pylot is backed by proven science:

  • EEG sensors track your brain waves to gauge focus and fatigue.
  • Heart rate variability shows stress levels impacting performance.
  • Sophisticated algorithms analyze the data to model your optimal work/break cycles.
  • Real-time feedback helps you make productivity decisions informed by science.

Pylot Users See Dramatically Enhanced Results

Early testers reported stark improvements by leveraging Pylot’s insights:

  • Flow state work sessions increased up to 4X daily.
  • Time spent in distracting shallow tasks reduced by 58%.
  • Daily output and results increased by over 10X.

The Future of Work is Here

Pylot heralds a new era where individuals can scientifically enhance productivity by understanding their own cognitive patterns and energy levels.

The guesswork around managing performance is eliminated. Stress is reduced and output maximized automatically.

In 2023, join the revolution and stop winging your workdays. Let Pylot unlock your true potential through the power of data and science.


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