Steve Jobs co-founded Apple and led it to become the world’s most valuable company. But how did he motivate employees to create revolutionary products like the Mac, iPod, and iPhone?

It turns out Jobs’ secret weapon was incredibly simple: he connected work to a meaningful mission. This gave even mundane tasks a higher purpose.

Keep reading to discover the inspirational leadership lessons revealed in Jobs’ newly released eBook “Make Something Wonderful.” Apply them to turn your team into passion-driven superstars.

Steve Jobs on Finding Purpose at Work

Jobs knew passion was crucial for innovation. He said picking significant projects was key because it’s tough to motivate people for trivial work.

Jobs ensured Apple’s mission meant more than profits. He defined its purpose as making technology easy and empowering lives through liberal arts thinking.

This sense of higher calling resonated with Apple’s staff. Jobs inspired teams by framing work as fulfilling a vision to change the world through accessible technology.

Actionable Leadership Advice from Jobs

Jobs offered practical leadership tips too. Key themes in “Make Something Wonderful” include:

  • Stay open to changing your mind as new data comes in. Sticking stubbornly to decisions can be disastrous.
  • Don’t rush to promote skilled doers into management. Let them focus on what they do best.
  • Set aside meeting-free days for uninterrupted individual work. The space boosts quality.
  • Hire based on shared values rather than skills alone. Values-aligned teams need less oversight.

Lead with Purpose to Unlock Passion

Jobs proved connecting work to a meaningful mission is powerful. This purpose-driven approach unlocks passion, dedication, and innovation.

Implement his methods to energize your team. Frame projects as missions, not just tasks. Let purpose guide hiring and operations.

Soon you’ll have talent clamoring to create something wonderful, not just log hours. Purpose transforms workplaces.

So channel your inner Steve Jobs. Identify how your organization can enrich lives and empower people. Then watch your company transform.


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