Do you feel like you’re stuck in a reading rut? Wish you could speed-read your way to success like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett? Well, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll reveal the top-secret techniques used by the world’s smartest readers to get the most out of every book. You won’t believe how simple it is – this 1 weird trick could have you reading faster and smarter starting today!

Stop Wasting Your Time on Boring Books

We all know life’s too short to waste time slogging through books that bore you to tears. But did you know pushing through a bad book can actually damage your reading skills over time? That’s right – when you force yourself through lackluster literature, your brain associates reading with tedium. So do yourself a favor and ditch the duds. Toss any book that doesn’t grab you after 50 pages – your time is too valuable!

Keep a Commonplace Book Like Einstein Did to Remember Everything

Want to instantly improve your memory like Albert Einstein? Try keeping a commonplace book! This old-school technique – basically a scrapbook for your favorite quotes and ideas – boosts retention and crystallizes thinking. Scientists say writing things down on paper forges stronger neural pathways. So grab a notebook and start copying down passages that speak to you. Your mind will become a steel trap for wisdom in no time!

Reread the Classics to Absorb Their Power

All the great thinkers, from Marcus Aurelius to Oprah, know the secret to genius – rereading classics! Revisiting your favorite books allows you to pick up new nuances you missed before. Studies show rereading boosts comprehension up to 33%! So don’t just read the greats once – read them again and again. It’s like installing an Einstein super-brain upgrade!

Speed-Read by Borrowing Bill Gates’ Booklist

Want to hack your reading skills like billionaire Bill Gates? Try borrowing booklists from people you admire! Gates swears by this technique – he asks CEOs and thinkers he respects for their top book recommendations. You can absorb a lifetime of wisdom just by piggybacking off their research! Start by asking smart friends or experts you admire for their top 3 book suggestions in your field of interest. Your knowledge and reading speed will explode overnight!

Learn from History’s Mistakes to Make Better Decisions

You know the old saying – those who don’t learn history are doomed to repeat it. But did you know reading about past disasters and failures can actually improve your decision-making? Scientists find learning vicariously through books helps us avoid common pitfalls. So hit the history section, and study up on catastrophes of the past. You’ll be surprised how many dumb mistakes you’ll sidestep simply by reading the right books.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the farther you will go.”

By Dr. Seuss

Reignite Your Reading with an Old Favorite

Feeling stuck in a reading rut? Having trouble concentrating on books? The solution is simpler than you think: just re-read an old favorite! Revisiting a beloved page-turner reminds us why we love to read in the first place. Plus, we pick up on subtleties we missed the first time around. So do yourself a favor and pick up that classic novel you’ve been meaning to revisit. You’ll rediscover the magic of reading in no time!

Reading the right way pays enormous dividends in knowledge, wisdom, and happiness. With these insider tips, you’ll read faster, retain more, and grow your mind like never before. So what are you waiting for? Pick up a book and start reading smarter today! Your future self will thank you.


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