We all want to be more productive. But how do the world’s highest achievers like Fortune 500 CEOs and Olympic athletes maximize their performance day after day?

It turns out their secret weapon is simple yet powerful: the routine.

Routines Provide Structure for Success

For top performers, routines and checklists bring structure to their days. Like a pilot running through a pre-flight checklist, they ensure every important task and activity is completed to a high standard.

No more scrambling to prep for big meetings or events. No more forgetting important deadlines. Their routines act as a productivity safety net.

The Power of Continuous Improvement

But the key is to constantly refine routines over time through small tweaks and improvements. This adherence to continuous improvement ensures that routines stay fresh and optimized.

Activities that don’t move the needle get modified or dropped. New habits that enhance performance get added. This evolution takes routines to the next level.

Personalize Routines That Fit You

While it’s helpful to learn from other people’s routines, it’s important to personalize them to fit your own needs and preferences. Figure out which morning and evening routines start your day strong and help you unwind.

Crafting personalized routines you’re excited about sticks better than forcing yourself into someone else’s formula.

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.”

by Jimmy Johnson

Routines Can Transform Business Culture Too

Interestingly, the power of routines extends beyond personal productivity. Implementing organization-wide routines improves company culture and performance.

By teaching employees the benefits of continuous improvement through routines, you enable them to excel in their roles and drive better business outcomes.

Start Engineering Your Own Productivity Machine

At the end of the day, routines are much more than just checklists. They provide a framework for growth and achievement.

Don’t fall into the trap of underestimating them. Start engineering your own routines today and see your productivity reach new heights!


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