Take some time to deeply reflect on your close relationships by answering the following questions. Be honest with yourself.

Person being audited: ________________

  • Do you feel genuinely happy after spending time together? Why or why not?
  • What common interests or values do you share?
  • What new or challenging things have you experienced together recently?
  • How often do you laugh together? When was the last time you laughed together?
  • How comfortable do you feel sharing difficult emotions or being vulnerable with this person?
  • How well do you communicate your needs and listen to each other’s perspectives?
  • How well do you resolve conflicts or differences in opinion?
  • How much does this relationship energize you versus drain you?
  • Do you feel accepted by this person for who you truly are?
  • How often do you offer emotional support to each other?
  • How much time do you spend complaining versus appreciating each other?
  • How well does this person know the real you? Your hopes, dreams, fears?
  • If you needed help, could you count on this person to be there for you?
  • How much do you trust this person? Have they broken trust in the past?
  • Is this a relationship you could see continuing long-term or deepening over time?

Carefully review your responses. Make notes on areas where the relationship is thriving and areas where there may be room for improvement. Discuss your reflections with the person to gain their perspective. With mutual understanding, you can take steps to nurture greater quality and depth.

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