Instructions: For each statement below, rate how true that statement is for you on a scale of 1-5:

1 = Never True 2 = Rarely True 3 = Sometimes True 4 = Often True 5 = Always True


  • I feel self-assured in most situations.
  • I am comfortable speaking up in groups.
  • I can recover quickly after mistakes or setbacks.


  • I make strong eye contact when conversing with others.
  • I ask questions to show interest in what people say.
  • I listen without interrupting.


  • I have an upbeat attitude most of the time.
  • I give genuine compliments to others.
  • I focus on solutions rather than problems.


  • I use facial expressions and gestures when I speak.
  • I vary my tone of voice to be more engaging.
  • I appear energetic and enthusiastic in interactions.


  • I am comfortable using humor in conversations.
  • I can tell jokes and stories that make people laugh.
  • I have a playful, witty personality.


  • I prepare interesting anecdotes about my life to share.
  • I can captivate an audience when telling stories.
  • I use vivid details and enthusiasm in my storytelling.


  • I express my true personality and beliefs.
  • I admit mistakes and discuss my imperfections.
  • I act genuinely rather than trying to impress people.


Total your points for each category using the scale below:

1-6 points – Needs Improvement – This area needs focus to boost your charisma. Set goals to improve here.

7-12 points – Fair – You have some skills in this area but need refinement. Practice to strengthen this aspect of your charisma.

13-18 points – Good – This is a strength for you. Continue building on it.

19-25 points – Excellent – You excel in this charismatic quality. Leverage this in your interactions.

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