Change often requires leaving comfort zones. This quiz evaluates your current openness to novelty, unpredictability and growth experiences. For each statement, rate how much you agree:

1 – Strongly Disagree 2 – Somewhat Disagree 3 – Neutral 4 – Somewhat Agree 5 – Strongly Agree

  1. I actively seek out new experiences outside my norms.
  2. I am willing to adjust my beliefs in the face of new evidence.
  3. I enjoy travel and exploring other cultures.
  4. I adapt quickly when plans or situations change unexpectedly.
  5. I’m excited by creative ideas that challenge traditional thinking.
  6. I regularly step outside my routine and try new activities.
  7. I’m open to changing careers/industries if aligned with my passions.
  8. I don’t mind taking social risks and meeting new types of people.
  9. I’m comfortable operating in uncertain, unpredictable environments.
  10. I view obstacles as opportunities to learn and improve.
  11. I’m willing to disrupt old habits and thinking patterns that limit me.
  12. I don’t mind feeling confused or anxious when I try something new.
  13. I actively seek out friends and mentors different than me.
  14. I’m comfortable making mistakes and learning from experience.
  15. I view growth as a lifelong process, not a fixed end state.
  16. I’m excited by challenges and continuously improving myself.
  17. I’m willing to constructively discuss differences in opinion.
  18. I regularly step outside my roles and responsibilities at work.
  19. I accept that growth often requires discomfort.
  20. I’m intrinsically motivated to keep expanding my horizons.

After totalling your score, read the interpretation below. It explains your current openness to change and provides tips to expand your comfort zone.

80-100: Very High Openness

You actively seek novelty, embrace unpredictability, and thrive on challenge. Change reenergizes you. Leverage your bold spirit to inspire others in their growth. Seek even bigger goals to continue expanding.

60-79: Moderate to High Openness

You have a reasonably high comfort with change, though still room to stretch further. Identify areas of slight resistance and create goals to incrementally expand them. Surround yourself with innovators who motivate you.

40-59: Somewhat Resistant

You prefer predictability and can be risk-averse. While you can adapt with effort, change requires you to move past comfort zones. Start small by adding variety to your routine. Monitor thought patterns for limiting beliefs. Reward yourself for trying new things.

20-39: Highly Resistant

You feel significant fear or anxiety with change and unfamiliar situations. Staying in your comfort zone is seductive. But with incremental effort, you can increase openness. Examine root causes of resistance and reframe them. Set small goals first. Enlist friends to support and gently encourage you. Progress will unlock joy.

Next Steps

Regardless of your score, continuous growth is possible. Reflect on areas of discomfort revealed by this quiz. Set goals to incrementally expand. Lean into moderate challenge and progress will unfold. Your courage will be rewarded with increasing fulfillment.

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