Week 1

Monday – Eat a new food you’ve never tried before

Tuesday – Introduce yourself to someone new

Wednesday – Take a different route to work

Thursday – Listen to a music genre outside your usual taste

Friday – Sign up for a recreational class out of your norm

Saturday – Go to a social event where you won’t know anyone

Sunday – Spend 30 mins alone in nature/quiet reflection

Week 2

Monday – Wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual

Tuesday – Learn 10 new words in a foreign language

Wednesday – Write with your non-dominant hand for 30 minutes

Thursday – Ask a stranger for an interesting life story

Friday – Do a physical activity you find challenging or intimidating

Saturday – Go out by yourself to a movie/dinner/event

Sunday – Talk to someone with an opposing viewpoint, listen openly

Week 3

Monday – Declutter one area of your home

Tuesday – Unplug from digital devices for a set time

Wednesday – Take a different commute route to work

Thursday – Research an activity/topic you don’t know much about

Friday – Do one thing that makes you feel embarrassed or vulnerable

Saturday – Spend an hour alone pondering your life dreams and direction

Sunday – Write a letter/email/text to someone you appreciate

Week 4

Monday – Have a meaningful conversation with someone of a different generation

Tuesday – Spend an hour learning a new digital skill outside your expertise

Wednesday – Volunteer for a cause not familiar to you

Thursday – Roleplay a scenario that makes you nervous

Friday – Learn basics of a language outside your comfort zone

Saturday – Go to a cultural event reflecting values different than yours

Sunday – Email someone influential asking to informally mentor you

Additional weeks could include challenges like:

  • Giving improved feedback even if uncomfortable
  • Admitting not knowing something others expect you to know
  • Doing an activity unskilled that others may judge
  • Revealing a personal vulnerability or imperfection
  • Taking an unpopular viewpoint to challenge assumptions
  • Acting opposite to a fear or inhibition
  • Having an awkward or difficult conversation
  • Taking an ethical stand that brings disapproval
  • Failing and asking for help instead of struggling silently

The key is progressively building self-efficacy and tolerance for uncertainty.

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  1. Quite unique and definitely out of comfort zone.

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