In our busy lives, we often forget what truly matters. We have so many things to do and not enough time. But there’s a meaningful story that can help us see things differently. It comes from a YouTube channel called “Take the Leap Motivation” and it’s called “You’ll NEVER see your life the same way again… | Jar of Life | Wisdom Story.” This story uses a jar to teach us about what’s important and how to focus on those things.

The Professor’s Lesson

The story starts with a professor who teaches philosophy in a unique way. He visits a primary school and brings a big empty jar with him. He also has stones, pebbles, sand, and water. He uses these things to teach a lesson about what’s most important in life.

The stones represent the most important things in our lives, like our family, health, and friends. These are the things that give our lives meaning and happiness. The pebbles are less important things, like our jobs, houses, and cars. The sand represents the small, unimportant things that take up our time and energy.

The professor tells us that if we fill the jar with sand or pebbles first, there won’t be enough space for the stones. This means that if we focus too much on unimportant things, we might forget what really matters.

Tips for Prioritizing Your ‘Stones’

  • Identify Your Stones: Take some time to think about what truly matters to you. It could be your loved ones, your health, or your dreams.
  • Make Time for Your Stones: Once you know what’s important, make sure to give it time and attention. Spend quality time with your loved ones, take care of your health, and work towards your dreams.
  • Don’t Let Less Important Things Take Over: While it’s necessary to take care of everyday tasks, don’t let them consume all your time and energy. Remember to prioritize your stones.
  • Leave Room for Unexpected Joy: The professor ends his lesson by saying that water represents unexpected moments of happiness and connection. Even if your life feels full, there’s always space for these moments.

An Inspiring Quote to Remember

As you go through life, remember this quote from the video: “It’s not about being busy all the time, but about living a fulfilling life filled with meaningful experiences. It’s about making the most of every day.


The story of the ‘Jar of Life’ reminds us to focus on what truly matters. Even in our busy lives, we should prioritize our stones and make time for the things that bring us happiness and fulfillment. When our journey comes to an end, it’s these important things that will define the value and meaning of our lives. So, prioritize your stones and make every moment count.

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