Did you know that a simple change in color can make a big difference in your productivity? Learn more about the Van de Velde Principle.

In the 19th century, Belgian designer and theorist Henry van de Velde popularized the use of the colors red and blue to create a stimulating environment. This principle, known as the Van de Velde Principle, has been used in offices and classrooms to boost productivity and focus.

But how do you incorporate this principle into your own workspace?

  1. Consider painting your walls or surfaces with a combination of red and blue.
  2. Add colorful furniture in shades of red and blue.
  3. Hang artwork or photographs in red and blue tones.
  4. Include red and blue accessories on your desk such as a pen holder, stapler, and mouse pad.

Not only does using a combination of red and blue make your workspace visually appealing, but it also has been proven to have a number of benefits. Research conducted by the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business found that red improves attention to detail while blue boosts creative thinking.

In addition to the Van de Velde Principle, you can also use red and blue to create visual cues and associations for different tasks and activities. For example, associate red with more challenging tasks and blue with simpler tasks. Or, you could even play a game of “Simon Says” to add a fun element to your workday!

So, if you want to optimize your performance and increase productivity, give the Van de Velde Principle a try and add some red and blue to your workspace today.


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