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  1. Why do you want to learn to say no? I want to learn to say no because I tend to take on too many things and end up feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. I want to be able to prioritize my time and energy better and not feel like I have to say yes to everything.
  2. In what situations do you find it most challenging to say no? I find it most challenging to say no when it comes to things like hanging out with friends or going to social events. I don’t want to disappoint people or be seen as rude, so I usually just go along with it even if I don’t really want to.
  3. What are some potential consequences of saying no in these situations? I’m afraid that if I say no, people will think I’m not a good friend or that I’m not interested in spending time with them. I’m also worried that I’ll miss out on opportunities or experiences if I turn things down.
  4. How can you communicate a “no” response effectively and assertively? I can try to be more clear and direct when I say no, and not worry so much about sugarcoating things or making excuses. I can also try to offer alternative solutions or suggestions, like suggesting a different time or activity that works better for me.

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